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The company

This wonderful story was born in the distant 1946 year of foundation by his grandfather Giuseppe, at the time the Trappeto was completely manual, the grindmills were animal traction, the separation of the liquid part from the solid took place by manual pressing; While the separation of the vegetation water from the oil was done manually in the Decant wells. Considering the methods, the daily transformation was minimal, about 15q. of Olives.

Over the years the thought was directed towards a continuous modernization, in fact, in 1952, the animal traction was abandoned and the grindmills were propelled with combustion engine, and the manual separation was replaced by a special separator. This made the company a great Leap Forward, until 1966, when the electricity was introduced for the first time, used for every single apparatus, for the occasion modernized; With this the crusher also underwent an expansion that increased the quantity of daily olives processed up to 80q.

This plant ensured a very good and competitive production until 1995, when the machining methods were revolutionated with the substitution of the presses with a continuous centrifugation plant, this carried the quantity of Olives processed daily to about 150q.

The last update immediately from the Crusher was in 2005, when a second and larger decanter was introduced, which I bring to the current daily transformation of 350q. of Olives.

With all the evolution the intent of the company is that unchanged from 1946 to prefer the quality and not the quantity.